Sunday, September 9, 2012

inherited treasure

My husbands family has always been full of strong women. From the oldest to the youngest ( my daughter) Each of their strengths seemingly unknown to each. Observing them at family gatherings is both entertaining and educational.

One full of grace, wisdom when asked and naivety not matched by her years. From this lady I learned a lot. Mostly without words. I wished I had asked more questions...although her husband was always singing loudly and telling jokes from the big chair.

Another almost the same age. Feisty a non listener demanding but admirable in her tenacity. I have enjoyed the mellowing although mourn a little the lost of self that has come with age. Before you were blessed to be in her company. Now she feels grateful to be a part of yours.

Another a bowerbird. All things sparkly and beautiful catch her eye. Generosity. Never does a new haircut, pair of shoes or a little make up go unnoticed. This is the one you tell if you need the family on a whole to know something. Sensitive but so strong. All of her family so important to her. Always first in on birthdays... never one missed. Can fill a fridge in a single visit.

Another an amazing wife, supportive always... of all her men. Never letting you know if you fail  or disappoint... part of an strong couple. Keeping the family strong and moving forward without the words to order them about. Leading by example, a long marriage obviously still thinking the world of each other.

Another keeps the faith for us all. Always cheerful with many many kind words.

In the last week the family has been transitioning , becoming used to new roles. Some are no longer daughters...another the loss of what was to be her last home. Another passed. Tumultuous it brings back memories of those who have gone before.

The older ladies looked after their children, baked sewed & educated and  it wasn't easy. The domestic tasks baking, sewing, keeping others abreast of the world through newspaper clippings are still a part of us. The tools of these tasks are now being passed down. I am lucky to have received a tin full of sparkles that makes me want to wear lipstick everyday. Wool that is waiting to become something. Tins that will contain cakes for my little ones....saving another for her

Time will go on.... life will settle.

But this week I feel enormous admiration, hope my children will remain that close and be always supportive....a little bit sad that my daughter doesn't have a sister. Like I have, her grandmother has and her great grandmother had too. I hope Oli is still a little brother at 88

We are lucky. I know this.

My heart this week aches for each of the women in our family...
I want to make tea, and pour wine , hold your hands and make you smile until this too has passed. ..

as all things do

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