Thursday, September 13, 2012

a little bit of crafting

Ok the nuts and bolts of readjustment
I have forgotten little things. After not using and ATM for 6 months my card was chewed on the first day!

The little chip thing in the eftpos .... no more swipe. I feel like a luddite

The phone rings often... sometimes we miss it as we are not used to the sound

Our feet hurt. The restriction of shoes...

It's cold very cold

Lots and lots of school notes... the excessive mail both junk and the regular kind


A few failures in the cooking department ( out of practice) and the standards of my consumers are higher at home

It's thrilling to see people we know. Having people pop by to say hello and a lot of catching up

Books everywhere and so accessible

Props to make - a visual merchandising job already ( thrilled about this)

Branding & books several friends having chats about business. am still thinking about TAFE and the possibility of teaching.
visual merchandising

of corse cups of tea
Of corse several  FIona kAte orders  going out too. 

all in all busy

Are we missing it. 
Yes. I miss the relaxed husband I had there....

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