Thursday, August 9, 2012

Only 2 weeks left! 

I am looking forward to going home as much as I am going to miss it here in Bali. I think a little piece of the heart of our family will be left here in bali

As the balinese say we have good relations with Bali ( this can also mean a sexual relationship) 

We have come so far and sometimes not far at all
I was woken up this morning at 6am with one of my beloved children leaning over me saying
" can you comb the nits out of my hair they are HUUUUGE"

Why can't nits be trained to clean up the food on the floor. Eat lego ( saved picking the stuff up) Or just evolve to living on the 4 legged creatures only. while I am writing this I am scratching madly. It's just a reflex of talking or thinking about the buggers. Can you imagine being stopped at customs because we are bringing in unauthorised creatures. I might be the only one who takes nit remover home. Not bags, boots sarongs nit remover.

A surprise call and offer of a pick up from the airport made up for this. It was amazing to see the little ones face light up when she realised she could come for a play at the little blue house really soon.

I am really loving instagram and fat mum slims photo a day is a great way to kick start. todays topic of messy was an easy one.

10 foot surf means a morning at home

Spring is in the air. I am finding myself tidying and getting sorted. 

a bike to padang for the surf carnival bethany was amazing. the only girl in the comp
noahs first motor bike lesson ( thanks Johnathon)

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