Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We're back....

Don't they look like christmas trees?

A fabulous time. Seaweeds farms, fish, discovery walks paddle boarding etc. There was also lots of time to chat. Holidays no matter when they happen you slow down. For me at the moment is one step up from a coma. Any slower and they would put a sign on me saying caution we have a project ( indonesian workers sign indicating not a thing will be happening anytime in the near future)

After a couple of glimpses into a future teenage tantrums my latest theory is time. If I am not to erase the loveliness of our relationship I think one on one time with Holly is paramount. Not least because during the dust ups she seems so hard done by. I think we both have a little of the martyr in us. It runs down the female line on my side of the family. Possibly should invest in some gold nails now. ( for the cross).

to that end we have been for a ride on the bike and a lovely massage and a milk shake. Slippery but content we have had a lovely afternoon reading . I've enjoyed myself thoroughly.

A huge balcony with an amazing view meant some great chats about home, changes, what we are looking forward to, and out next adventure. Get the boy out of the beaches and anything is possible.

Sales technique of the trip..." Your have a very large bottom. The men out there like it " would you believe I still bought the jeans... 

Hello grandma! duck for power lines

our seat on the boat

Summation by Owen

" I am looling forward to seeing all my people but I hope we can still have adventures everyday"

A run for the boat the 8 minute pickup and pay

seaweed farms
 strange fish

paddle boarding with kids

a great hike and the most unsatisfying bridge

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