Sunday, August 12, 2012

Books and reading have been an essential part of our adventure. They have influenced our days, activities and will mark particular days in our memories. The hours of reading have been one of the ultimate pleasures or luxury of our adventure. whether it be 10am on a wednesday or 7 am on a saturday. "Can you read to me" is always followed by "yes" . We can now all read in one room as family. The big kids laying around draped over cushions and seats . We have both read out load as a family. 

A list of books to read ( in my head) accompanied me. The books I wanted the kids to read also. Unexpectedly the kids also had books they wanted us to read. Percy jackson Is a must! 
Loved the whole series and the games of Gods that followed.

I need a couple more books to get me through. Any recommendations would be fabulous.

Books a list, read so far, that I can remember. Some of these were really outstanding and will be read again.*** some in fact already have.

When god was a rabbit ***
Jane eyre ***
The sun also rises
The fountainhead
The hunger Games trilogy
50 shades of grey... thought it was rubbish and Nikki Gemmels with my body was a much better submissive/domination story
The concrete piano
The sense of an ending
The curious incident of the dog in the night
White fang
the sea the sea
the tigers wife
the hare with the amber eyes ***
blue eyed boy
call of the wild
the children
me and mr booker
state of wonder
People of the book ***
Hearts and minds ***

The books have arrived from book depository, downloaded from Kindle and been swapped with people we have met. Time to read has not been stolen from time to sleep. Those nights when you read until 3am and spend the following day in a fog of weariness. There has been ample time for both.

More passports dramas.My husband and passports appear as ever to be polar opposites. It certainly keeps us on our toes. This time a mad dash out to the cargo company loading the ship ... today. It seems they may have been packed with the things to go...


  1. Just off hand I would recommend Testimony by Anita Shreve and The Help (a fabulous feel good book)... I attempted 50 shades of grey and couldn't go through with it !! Agree, Nikki Gemmel is much better. Don't forget to let me know your flight details :)

  2. Hope you managed to retrieve passports!!

    1. Yup passports sorted. My sister has the airport covered. Would love to see you at the little blue house on august 24th. How do you feel about a feline passenger? Holly would live to see our fatcat.