Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a kindle kind of treat ... 
slightly educational and I am electing it to be an insight into strategy. This was going to be interesting.

Each of the 3 eldest are mad readers. Keeping them with fresh books has been a challenge as we have all read favourites many times over. The requests for the 6 book of.... or can we read the 2nd book.... have been coming thick and fast. 

New books at home are things of christmas and birthdays. In between We have a fabulous 2nd hand bookstore, school library, local library and Vinnies to sort through. Each of these treasure troves are unavailable here.

it's all about you

3 kids $15.00 kindle dollars each. research and give me a list of books you would like. At first it seemed a fortune. the possibilities endless and as the kids had to narrow down what was available on kindle. Not ridiculously expansive ( same as printed book price) and trying to get the most for their combined dollars. Initially thrilled to find the free section and then realising all the good ones had been read already.

5 books were chosen.

1 was a pre-order so the waiting will seem long ( but you do have to read the fine print)

It was fabulous to see the research and the authors they knew the names of, chat about books read. Rubbish compilations that are not really part of the series " the publisher just wanted to trick us and make money"

It took a couple of hours to work as a group ( no help from mum) and come to agreements of sorts. 

The books were loaded on the kindles late last night. ready for my readers beside their beds this morning!. It was quiet and Oli had mum to himself at breakfast time. Can't wait until he can read.

last fish market

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