Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The kids are already asking what will we do first when we get home... at 7am

first things first.
See my sister , niece and nephews. Cross fingers this will be at the airport
Get the australian ( oh how I've missed the weekend australian.)
family friends and pets.... all day from sun up to sundown
Sleep in my own bed

The next day
the biennale on cockatoo island with a max brenners thick dark italian with 1 sugar...
The chill on the ferry and view of Sydney harbour. 
It will feel like we are home.
Read the paper I bought yesterday

Each day it feels like a bit of an ending. The kids are getting antsy. More talk of home. Each meal or place well that's the last time.... Bali is changing at such a rapid rate. It will have changed dramatically before we return. We have people we know and chat to. Places we visit and routines we like. Each day people are dropping by to say before you go can you show me ....setting up Facebook... an email address... how to crochet...? can I have your towels when you go? come and see my ceremony... come to our wedding... independence day... releasing the turtles...  will you be here when the baby is born....
we are fitting in as much as we can . it won't be all but we do our best..... tomorrow there will be more requests..

Big & brave comp
applied for a position
cloth crafty

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