Monday, July 16, 2012

Usually I am strictly a "builders basic" or a "Tradies Tea" Girl. Black Tea with milk and two sugars
( I cut down from 4 when expecting and now kids myself I am being healthy

Our discoveries last week mean changes are afoot. While waterfall hopping we met a local lady passionate about her garden and the spices she grew. I was asking about the vanilla and she lead us out the back through the forrest a little to her home. So many spices growing and she showed us how cinnamon is rolled, vanilla pods hand fertilised, red ginger grown and so much more. Her english was amazing and as with all people who are passionate and rightly proud of what they do . She was fascinating. The kids loved it too. In fact I completely forgot about the waterfall for a moment and then I noticed she was crocheting too....

I will  avoid getting too wordy about my excitement. She showed us how to make tea. As soon as I heard ginger I just started nodding politely ( not a fan) then the kids came back with fresh red ginger and lemon grass from her garden. Gifted to them ( this is a  rarity in Bali).

The kids remembered and the next morning wanted to try the tea. 

It was delicious. 

Both hot and chilled. 
That was hard to type let alone admit. 

Chilled tea was further down my list than the perfume tasting ones.... don't get me started on Earl Grey..... the looking forward to a cup of tea offered  it's hot . You bring it to your mouth and smell fragrance.... it's all over yet you drink ... it would be rude not to

Here's the recipe. Try it 

Grate a centimetre of ginger
Finely slice a stalk of lemongrass
Pour hot water ( not quite boiling) over the top

Sit for more than a minute.
Pour and stir with a cinnamon stick. 

Rock sugar ( or any sugar can be added) or Blossom honey

Add more water to the leftover ginger, lemongrass etc and place in the fridge. 
You will drink the lot. 3 out of 4 kids liked it. these are great odds in our house.

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