Friday, July 13, 2012

"While away owen said I'm thinking of warm muffins and cooking marsh mellows".... 
Random but lovely. Then Noah walks in and says "I miss Tom. when is the next camping trip?"  Oliver walks in next and says I am thinking about Grandma

what is going on? then they begin to chat about home. Listening to them womens lib has had no impact...  
I give them all a bigg cuddle
Then I have a small inking...
They are all smelling lovely from the bath

It's the towels they are using the same washing powder as I do at home

We all slept like babies that night too. 

The sense of smell is so strong.

I wonder what the trigger will be when we leave Bali?
Chooks, cows, burning off, chilli, garlic, Frangipani, salt spray?

jumping of the boat into the blue
architecture of a chocolate factory
disappointment of the property - still act raw

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