Tuesday, July 17, 2012

wardrobe at a glance

A quick idea that is super easy to do. The pics are a bit dodgy I have no idea when the computer guy will get back to me.

Today we have a package for my favourite niece. She loves to colour and cut. A sense of glamour like no other. More is the new more. Today we have made a paper doll with several outfits for here to cut and colour.

She is 3 and her standards are not too high ( note the dodgy fingers and slightly wonky eye)
Somehow if you sit trying to get the doll perfect the fun goes out of is and the dolls end up looking strangly formal and not so appealing.

I did have a bottom on her but the kids decided knickers would be best.
Even if it means she never gets to change them.

The doll not my niece.

the total time this took was 10 minutes . A lot of fun in the making as well as the doing for the receiver.

paper ( we used scrap paper from a wallabies notebook)

Draw a figure. make the head slightly oversize so they look more child like. Big eyes.

once done. lean the drawing face down on a window ( to make it easy to see) . draw the back of your doll on

Use separate paper to make the clothes. draw tabs at the shoulders and waist.

This is a quick project not a family heirloom

Have fun and the receiver will too.

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