Monday, July 23, 2012

drying in the sun

useful already

A lazy Sunday morning. No sunday papers here. You would be amazed at the amount of time available. I have always liked the possibilities of papier mache´. I thought I would give it a go. A way to test new shapes and packaging. We always have paper, receipts and various other paper around the place. A bit of flour , water add sun to dry. The kids were flu of advice having done it before at kindy. Holly was keen to show her skills

paper- rip them into strips
a shape you like ( I used a bowl. holly a cup)

Mix water and flour into a paste. not too gluggy. Rub oil over the vessel you are covering so the paper doesn't stick. Start layering. Not too thick. Leave in the sun to dry completely
Hollys cup was strong after the first go. My bowl needed another layer as it was a bit wobbly ( that's experience for you)

Easy and useful

The one thing about crafts that is always a pain is having all the bits. This one they are all there in your cupboard.

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  1. HELLOOOOOO, I am so sorry, I have just remembered it was Owen's birthday on the 20th... Hope he had a fabulous day. We are really missing you all and can't wait to have you back in Sydney!!
    I am still coughing like I have smoked 40 cigarettes... nice. I have so much college work to do an not enough time!!! Need some sunshine :)...Lots of love xxx
    p.s. has chili always drooled so much??
    pps.. LOVE the paper mache!!!