Friday, July 20, 2012

passions of the nocturnal kind...

The time mostly at night when you come up with an idea or notion so exciting you smile to yourself in the dark. And I am old enough to know that these ideas metamorphosis overnight into an idea that seems self indulgent, pointless or plain silly in the cold hard light of the morning. The trouble has always been what to do and how to choose only one thing. Art and design has always in the past had a commercial leaning. Economic reality as well as limited amounts of time.

Small times of paper making printing photography, doodling, fabric, collections, wire and paper sculpture all made and discarded, given away or popped in the recycling. I love to sculpt, draw collage illustrate, stitch and the list goes on. If I do not focus on the end game or result lovely moments are enjoyed. I feel great, relaxed and somehow completely free for the few minutes it takes.... I need to do more .. get better.. try things... not just pop idea up on pinterest

Focus is not always a strong suit.
As with renovating if I stick to 3 main concepts

In the case of renovating it was

Square edges
Wide as possible

tonights focus

I have jottings in notebooks from many years ago. I don't want this to become another jotting. It seems almost silly not to now it night here in my brain.

is it relevant?

does it matter?

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