Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just do it. 
Sometimes the how whys and wherefores can stop an idea before it is even started. Everyday here in Bali I see a business or manufacturing process that just would not happen at home. Of corse there are many reasons. Very relaxed OH&S as well as environmental and business laws probably seem to be the biggest reasons for westerners here. 

The spirit of I can do that is alive and well. it may mean you end up with a plumber who is actually a cleaner or a builder who usually cooks. The spirit of can do, results in many amazing outcomes. ... on one hand you may end up with a beautiful bathroom, all the fittings with no water connected. Or a gorgeous wall with no foundations so you will only be able to be able to appreciate it's beauty from afar and for a short while.

I am going to take  a little of the can do with me when I go home. I won't be plumbing bathrooms but a limited range here and then that is a lot of fun to do. That I can do.

These beautiful papers were drying in the sun. I asked to take photos . The ladies were sitting making offerings. The paper is made in the morning. Dries during the day. The ladies sit minding the paper. chatting eating and laughing a lot. The children are there too. All beside a busy road. It's a happy place.

The first words I said to my kids were " don't touch just look" The indonesian makers said it's ok ... You like  and chatted with the children encouraging them to look and walk through the drying papers.


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