Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's finished. the blanket is finally finished. It is so warm. It also looks like a sheep has exploded. (not blood and gore just really fluffy and soft) 
This is the blanket that somehow came under my radar into existence. 

white mohair

silver grey trim 
wool my sister sent me in a care package

ta da a king size blanket

A couple of months ago I had no project on the horizon. No real way to get wool quickly and was slightly nervous about the possible prospect of boredom. 
On one of our days out ( we were lost again) we drove past a store with wool . 

The first I had seen. Nick thought we had run over something when I yelled to stop. The colours were great but it was mohair. I had never worked with it maybe it would be scratch and require great skill. The colours seduced me I gathered 4 stood clutching my money. No so easy. if I wanted to buy I had to visit the factory. After explaining 4 kids in the car and no time they would not let me buy...

A week or two later we passed the shop again . I just thought i would give it another go. Sure enough $9 a roll ( each roll is 1kg) I grabbed only one and ran before anyone could change their mind. Up until then the crochet had always been a little wobbly on the sides a problem that was driving me crazy. I thought I would just practice making large squares to solve the issue. then some more to keep up the skills. seemed  a waste  not to turn it into something. we were doing fractions so I divided some into half and others I doubled.

I can't work to a pattern ( I don't know how to read them) .

The indonesian ladies here would see me crocheting and wanted to watch and see what was being made. Did I sell them? I tried explaining the hourly rate etc but it did not translate at all. Time is not money here. So the blanket became an experiment. 

What is a product worth? not that this is for sale if you don't count hours

Cost or outlay $9

The only time I worked on it was when watching the kids in a pool. During schooling, there is a lot of time just waiting. It helps to keep me patient if I am doing something else. Chatting at night. All times when nothing else could have been done anyway. So is this time? Imagine the therapy I may have needed if I was bored?

Busy hands can let me have time to think and leads to other things - samples I can't wait to share.

Many ideas were thought about and samples tested for future products. The way I have thought about them is changing. I think there will be room for a lot more handmade in our range. Production maybe a little slower and the quantities less. There will be no wastage. 
Customers will know their item has been thought about and is unique. 

I met and talked to many locals during this time all interested in what I was doing

The enjoyment of handmade has far outweighed the planning of items in recent ranges.

The future is looking bright and very hands on.

I am extraordinarily proud of this and I can not explain why. 

Holly has already given me 3 reasons why it should be used by her this evening. In bali?? A king size blanket

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