Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Packages to send today. This means hiring a car and about 2 hours . 30 minutes there depending on traffic, cows, breakdowns and dirt deliveries. then at least and hour in the post office. Just waiting. Not that it is busy. there is no hurry. Nick waited nearly 25 minutes while the man cleaned the counter ( around things not moving them) before he was helped. 

It can be a real test .

Today we have a package for my favourite niece. She loves to colour and cut. A sense of glamour like no other. More is the new more. Todays we  have made a paper doll with several outfits for here to cut and colour. 

She is 3 and her standards are not too high ( note the dodgy fingers and slightly wonky eye)
Somehow if you sit trying to get the doll perfect the fun goes out of is and the dolls end up looking strangely formal and not so appealing.

The thrill of receiving a package in the post when you are 3.

I did have a bottom on her but the kids decided knickers would be best. 
Even if it means she never gets to change them. 

The doll not my niece.

10 minutes tops!  and we had a lot of fun coming u with outfits.
The kids have now all run off to draw colouring in pages for their cousin to add to the pack.

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