Monday, June 11, 2012

chilli thought to meet the family in Bali
once abroad the weather grew gnarly
the waves were high and it was windy
he turned back to meet us in Sydney

The advertures of chill continued. All the elements for one of the pages came together today. Stepped the project up a little to an animation... we'll see. Oli practicing his cat noises as I type.

I am hoping this counts as schooling.... All the work in progress planning. Elements to design, wording and soon the camera work (iPhone)

A big decision was to be made today. If we were at home it would be a little one. Here not so much... Nick spending all day with the phone to his ear... Reminds me of home a little too much. It may be worth it but I do feel that we should enjoy each day rather than knowing we have many more... always thinking ahead sometime doesn't allow for today?

Decision still not made tis and it's not. 

Limbo doesn't work for me.. 

I think I am going to stick with the kids project as a lovely diversion

balloon are the image on my list.... I wish I was chosen for the fish... oh and i do get to cut out the boat. Thats group work for you

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