Monday, June 11, 2012

balloon illustration
a little crochet
made a pom pom!!?!!?
& lots of tea

this only killed 15 minutes

Games - mind and other

When this blog/journey/mad idea was born I thought to record a fun family journey. I had no idea the things we would learn. The challenges we would face ( and there have been many) also the wonderment. 

At the present moment I am not relaxed . Waiting for an acceptable time to make a major phone call. One that requires an uninterrupted 5 minutes ( that's 5 minutes in a row) before Nick gets back from his daiy worship of the waves. The chances are slim... but possible in a parallel universe.  The wording is sorted in my head. Every third word will only be hear due to the reception here on the cliff. 

I am watching the moments go by waiting to call. 

Was this what I had envisioned? No! It is part of life... a  little  walk across the road.. can lead. 

Far from home small tasks can be insurmountable managing to withdraw $1000 from the nearest ATM ( 25 minutes away by motor bike) on a bank holiday weekend. The biggest things possible 2 cottages overlooking the sea with the most amazing sunset view untouched... 

For the want of a nail ( we are reading what katy did at the moment)

So I will carry on waiting and watching... only 59 minutes to go... 
Is 9am acceptable?/

Ok so phone not working... seriously no reception. have written the longest text ever....


  1. what the bleeding hell do you need $1000 for in Bali!

  2. A holiday place.... Although you would need a backpack to carry it instead of a wallet