Friday, June 8, 2012

the bridge


a place to meet

A school excursion and lesson is sustainability. The green school tour was an amazing experience. nearly 2 hours of ideas and excitement. I wanted to go back to school myself . You could not help but learn here. Not just the school program , the design and architecture of the buildings and surrounds are inspiring. Without getting too evangelical about it after seeing so much development in Bali that dismays . The green school is inspiring.

One of the constants here is the building of resorts, warungs, home stays and convenience stores . It seems new ones appear each week. The quick builds mean little or no thought is given to input and out out. Often you can see where all the output goes. ( not to be too graphic here as you may be eating your weetbix) of corse there are rules and regulations they are all but ignored. People from all over the world build because it's beautiful... without even abiding by the same standard they have in their home town...

I could go on for pages here but will abstain .

This school is a better stop than many of the tourist spots recommended.

The kids loved it and want to go back. if they had a boarding school I would send Holly today... until she was 18.

The shadow puppet show was a huge hit.  Explosive in fact. A bit more farting than the traditional story lines I'm sure . The Balinese are very good at playing to their audience...

A puppet show, wood carving class and a tour in sustainability I think that's school out for the week!

Plans for the weekend. To teach the kids poker.... a special request... why does the word DOCS keep appearing in my mind?

I covet those desks

solar panel trees.  Flat no angling required in Bali

maintenance shed

Bali pids - all in a days learning

class dismissed

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