Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Super super frustrating. 
Again the computer email internet etc. 
Just when you think you have something sorted everything changes. Simple things like preferences and it all goes haywire. 

Ages spent today achieving next to nothing.

Naplan begins today for us . At home I sent the kids off with "Nothing to worry about you will do great. Remember it's a test for the school not you" At 6am this morning I was most aware of what day it was. It's been years since I sat any formal examination. The nerves are the same. Concerned I would not have taught them something essential. What if a tricky question knocks Noahs confidence back to what it was 3 months ago. ( not too sure it's really that fragile) At dawn everything seems to blow out of all proportion.
All went well I think and 2 exams are in the bag ( post bag) I didn't look at them as for me it's in the hands of the Gods ( the teachers who mark them).

A WIP meeting today ( Work in progress) for our chilli book. the illustrator for the main cat is to be chosen...Looks like owen is the man for the job. Of all entries submitted his cat had an undeniable attitude.

A care package from home last week contained the latest issue of BIG magazine.This mag is fabulous and the kids spend hours pouring over it. Just the mere suggestion of the next issues subject  Games and the kids have been quite creative. Holly spent hours making her own bunneling ball ramp thingy out of coconuts and bamboo at the beach yesterday ( yes we are really on an island.) Noah coming up with a collage of a hovercraft game he would like to invent and play. This magazine is amazing. Monsters are already planned

First samples coming today - nerves again or nervous excitement?

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