Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guilt with a capital G...

When we were at home I was aware of being busy, half listening at times, just waiting for the chat to stop and then at the end of the day wishing I had listened and really heard. I now have the time and do listen. Does it mean the kids are better behaved? less demanding? or each word that comes out of their mouths more profound? Nup 

For years the mummy juggle or work school home and wife seemed busy. We are still busy the kids make sure of that. 

Happy to play all day long there are still things they must do like a little school.... even from this far I am still saying have you done.... but much more occasionally.

I am finally coming to the conclusion that the constant reminders are a part of any life regardless of location. The trick may be to choose the elephants rather than chase the ants also. ( just stick to the big issues rather than all the issues) let some go through to the keeper.

off for a snorkel

empty water park
ninja obsession
friends to stay

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