Monday, May 21, 2012

It's all about the numbers today. Balancing budgets, mathletics and maths school work. 
One more sleep to go until the littlest member of our tribe turns 4. 

A momentus event is planned. 
Due to the limited kitchen it is not the festival of flour a birthday in our house is usually.

In the meantime every second word is empat ( 4 in indonesian) or 4. If you put your head underwater Oli still follows and can actually speak under there. The next test will be a mouthful of marbles.

I am really loving school or at least maths. Morning is the key.
Noah is really improving at a great rate and the only difference I think is confidence. Maybe both his and mine. He is actually enjoying being able to do things that previously was too hard. Of corse the main reason is the times tables.
The key to everything it almost even worth the last minute lets go through your…. before he goes to bed .

There is also a fabulous maths monkey app that is a great way to mix it up alittle. They can compete against themselves. the real test will be the naplan results.

We are thinking there will be a little more home school in our future... maybe.. a few decisions to be made.

The internet is very inconsistent at the moment and the logistics of education is beginning to drag and still 6 weeks to go until the school holidays…

We have visitors at the moment . Over hearing Noah on the phone today

" it's really nice to talking to people easily"

I think we need to learn a little more indonesian..

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