Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am sooo bored i want to go home to my little blue house....cook up a storm and watch the weather change. chat to a friend, walk down the street in the middle of the day and eat a huge overwhelming though for the day but here is the real post

A bit of a creature feature today. Yet another bite from an unrecognisable mini monster. We have a jar at the ready. Catch him quick and take him to the lobby for a local to identify. ( of corse one of us stays with the child ). Sharp and furious this one was having a nice sleep in Noahs' Boardies . The rule of shake it out before you put it on applies here too.

He jumped sky high and later said "At first I thought I was totally over reacting to an ant bite."

In our villa we have seen
peying mantis
dragon flies
wasps ( why oil received the giant jam sandwich for his birthday)

The joys of open air living and why the balinese clean heir homes from top to toe everyday. ( also why the bedrooms are closed off with heavy glass doors) Ant invasions are an amazing co ordinated feat. hundreds troop in. all in a lne to collect any dead or exposed insect. they can carry out the largest of bodies. 
Who needs tele when you can happen to see wasp vs gekko in your living room

In australia we are known for our creepy crawlies but it seems we are not alone. While we are not overly worried about these things we are aware. After today I think the shake and go policy will be remembered. Just as bali is paradise for people . Birds, insects & animals thrive here too.

poor noah I truly don't know what was worse the bite or me saying
 "lets look it up identify it" " 
"what is the english word" 
" why don't you write a story about it?"

story begun
huge tune
sea snake
oils date with me as chaperone..
basket discovered


  1. Give yourself a project or 2 or 10 Fi... With a deadline :) Do some illos, write a book, take time out to explore a particular product... just with yourself and no one else, that scooter and you need some time alone :)))))) x

  2. On second thoughts I will send Sabina, she is driving us bonkers... I thought tantrums were supposed to stop, she's nearly 4 and just thrown her biggest one yet...