Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today I read two  of fabulous interviews with actual writers.  Andrew Lesowsky and Penny Madras. I was directed there by the design files

If you want fabulous insights into creative people this is a spot you should pop by junior life at the bottom ... that's it I have lost you for today and you are off on a wonderful, winding cyber adventure.

got me thinking
why write this blog?
To create something beautiful that people would love to hold, see and refer to . Even if you are shocked at the lack of punctuation (don't worry i have ordered a copy of eats shoots & leaves. )

There is a little something for you take away with you. To pop a pic up on pinterest   to save for another day. Link to a post on your blog, get inspiration for a trip or to stay at home, inspire a nature table, to laugh at the clueless way we parent ( believe me a lot of thought time and effort goes into being this clueless) eat something new or be amazed at the audacity of me thinking we have readers . 

The blogs messy desk is a couple of journals (blank sketch books) one large and one small that accompany me on our travels . Pages hang out, the days are not consecutive, crinkled from random watercolours on unsuitable paper, pressed rice and seaweed, strips of bamboo, cuttings from newspapers & magazines. slouches and lines of copy, recipes, postcards half written, fabric string and wool for future collages. 
The idea is to have something tactile and beautiful worth sharing. After years art directing and designing with all the planning that involves to have no plans and record the gorgeous and interesting that pops up each day. The possibilities are endless and so are the choices. although my handle on blogger layout leaves a lot of room for improvement. 

We are of corse on bali so the wifi logs out every 2 minutes and that means a lot of copy and pasting while saying "goodness me would you look at that" and "oops a daisy" ( not really sometimes the language is quite colourful)

If anyone knows how to get rid of the constant drop shadow do let me know.

Time makes all this possible

Thank you to those readers who have sent me questions or feedback.
Keep them coming.

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