Monday, April 16, 2012

An amazing day. not what you would expect from the day ear marked to travel across town ( which means a lot of traffic) and organise visa extensions. The kids happily pointed out that visa is available everywhere and we could just ask in the circle K for one. not quite the same kind of visas.
We actually had all of the birth certificates, photos , ID etc needed. When you only have 5 backpacks to your name finding this can be simple.  A temple celebration along the way with a whole street dressed for the occasion. the detail in these weavings are gorgeous with fruit and people represented, flowers birds ear are different. So beautiful and temporary. Once again you can see how time is not treated the same way here. to spend a whole day on a small task is not a waste of time just how long it takes. No time is too long it can be done. If it takes 3 days to chop a tree by hand with chats in between and a lot of manual labour - well it just does. A building to errect, a delivery of stone just drop it on the road out the front. People will drive around it until it's been transported inside and you know what they angst just go around.

Am I kitchen obsessed?

The location of the visa office was in an interesting spot 10m away from the kerobokan prison. Just being near it makes you feel sad. we were having a wonderful day with our family and just meters away are people who are to. You can imaging the questions from the kids. 
why dod people do things that are not legal? I do so hope they are perplexed about this their whole lives. raising teenagers would be a dream if this were so
They were very black and white about it all.

I was so excited to see a knitting place we screeched to a halt and did a u-turn. the excitement was all mine - the eye rolling was all theirs. Gorgeous colours and the hugest Mohair balls I have ever seen. Tried to buy a couple but was invited to the factory instead. So different from australia. to get into a factory or talk to a manufacturers is one of the hardest aspects of making a new product. I am really excited about the possibilities. Another quick stop for directions was inspiring also. a textile printers and yes they too are happy to wholesale. Much sketching to be done.... am i thinking about work... yes but Fiona Kate is not really work... I did bring sketches of product with me and it would be great to have samples made. 

( this truly isn't work)

a stop for lunch and bakso was finally tried ( an indonesian chicken soup) it is good for the soul and tastebuds too

The way home amazing fruit stand where we were able to taste and see how to peel 
( trust me this is important) the local fruit. The mangosteen was well worth the wait

banana , coconut, & mango smoothies with dinner

A new friend drooped by in the evening . It's really lovely when this happens. Still feel very lazy that I rely on their good english rather than any bahasa that i know. the pleases and thank you hello and good bye feel inadequate now I need to learn more. it's strange making new friends again. We have so many old friends ( not they are old but the friendships are) new friends have been people we have met in the last 10 years....everyone here is new

one of those days where everything feels simple and encouraging too

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