Wednesday, April 18, 2012

nits nits nits
I have the time and the energy so thought I could persevere with the conditioner comb out treatment... for nearly 10 days I have done this and today found a bug so big he could carry my handbag.... not good

Stood in an apoteck and mimed big bugs in hair....and the solution came in a small bottle about the size of a yakult. Pop lotion on the head... add shower cap  ( always a good look) and sleep tight....smells and looks exactly like calamine lotion...will check the ingredients tomorrow.... not great parenting I know but if they had given me napalm I think I would've thought about it.... 

Nits blow.


  1. oh my, want me to send you something?

  2. some twinnings orange pekoe would be fabulous!
    oh i see for the nits.... I am happy to say they have left the building

  3. LOL :)... can I send something over too? Girls would like to send a picture so you don't forget us ! Love reading this blog..