Thursday, April 19, 2012

a deserted beach - maybe it's the 548 steps?

Today I am back on email. It's been over 2 weeks and I was starting to think about training carrier pigeons. When I opened it there were  emails from readers - it makes me really happy to hear your comments. It was bright to my attention how long overdue the pancake recipe is... no excuse really just forgot   

If you really really want to tear yourself away from google reader and make something super simple and yum too... ( the perfect breakfast or afternoon tea on a cold and rainy day)

bali pancakes
flour (tepung in indonesian)
teaspoon of raw sugar

any available fruit that is truly ripe 
( this is it's last stop before the chooks get it ripe)

for 6 generous pancakes
3 cups of flour sifted , add 3 cups of milk, and 1 egg. If you have a very fancy utensil like a whisk ( we don't ) mix it or you can just use a fork until the lumps are smooth.

 *** the batter works best when made by someone other than the cook and almost passes as a maths lesson

Olivers first snorkel 
daddy is a dish pig

a little bit of butter into the pan fry banana, pear, pineapple or any fruit you have sliced thin. flip the fruit and pour the batter over the top. wiggle the pan around until the batter spreads as far as it can go. when bubbles appear flip. cook for another minute and serve piping hot.

if you don't have 6 people waiting on your service you can reduce the ingredients. the trick is the same amount of flour and mile. e.g. 2 cups of each or one cup of each. the egg is always one ( don't ask me how this works but it really does)

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