Friday, April 20, 2012

There is a definite culture here that makes it easy to go from Australia to Bali. The easy going nature of the people. the first answer is always "yes" it may not happen but it is nice to think positively. The time it takes to do something is never too much. They are always willing to help or suggest alternatives

 The flip side to this is as Noah put it " they are really into sales here" from the people selling t shirts to the people you meet offering motor bikes, land, houses babysitting, DVDs, drinks and of corse more t shirts. This puts us in the position of constantly saying 'No thank you'  we have tried the deferral of "maybe later" but this tends to mean they follow you home and wait which of corse is not quite what we meant. 

Today was a case in point I was looking forward to going into Denpassar today looking for wool, buttons and art supplies plus taking lots of shots and possibly sketching a little. The market I was sure would have everything. I'm still sure it had everything . Asking was no use. "Do you have wire baskets?" elicited "no tshirts and I ended up with 4 followers calling tshirts, you have a beautiful daughter braiding, ice cream, bamboo basket. Absolute chaos - exhausting as you are trying to answer each and everyone without being dismissive or rude. 

Our Indonesian friends say "no" wave their hand ( a bit like a shoo) and keep going. 

Culturally different yes but it killed the shopping buzz. 

Another thing is the bargaining. Either you are into this or you are not. if it is for one or 2 souvenirs it can be fun and a great way to grab a bargain. Expect a lot of haggling. If you want 4 banana haggle, add a couple of apples haggle and so it goes. In the fruit market there is no choice or you will pay 40,000 RP for 3 tiny bananas ( madness ($4.00 AUD). it's just the way things are done, always will be done.

I will try again armed with and Indonesian friend & pictures of what I would like. 

The idea of wandering around and really looking at things is nigh on impossible without interruption. walking along a rice paddy , bar a volcano, down a side street.... sometime even in your own yard if the kids are playing outside people will stick their heads through the back door.

Do you ever find shots on your phone that you didn't take?
what they get up to when you are not in the room
You are never lonely or looking desperately for someone to ask for help.

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