Monday, April 23, 2012

Remember way back in the beginning when i said i hoped to be a feel groomed woman on this trip? The road to this has been en sender. A road full of peril. Both due to my lack of experience and again the local culture. This not the post to sit back with a cuppa and a nice piece of cake a stiff drink would stand the reader in good stead.

Stage 1 - a manicure it was offered in Sanur quite  a lot by the end of the day when the kids were a little else energetic I said to Nick Is it ok if i pop in here while the kids are swimming and have a quick manicure. No worries. The price was good the kids sorted .... 15 minutes in ( who knew it would take 1 hour?) the heavens opened the kids shot off the beach and alternated in running up and down the path outside and making faces at me through the window... ending with me running out the door nails still wet waving my hands around ( this looks really pathetic by the way sort of like a T- Rex impression with the little tiny arms)

Stage 2 - once again trying to leave the kids swimming with nick and duck out for a quick wax of the nether regions. Note to all. No matter how potentially embarrassing it is to ask for a recommendation do so. I did not. Came to a beautician  and as it turned out .../dress shop/ hairdresser/seamstress and florist. Asked about a beautician and was given a list with prices. Looked good the service I required was on offer and i was ushered into a room ( also used for the dressmaking/florist's etc) . The wax applied cold the consistency of hardening caramel... My 

Then a rrrrrrrrrrrip without holding the skin in the usual fashion. I breathed in so quickly I almost swallowed my head... I knew there was blood and still I didn't say anything....the manners mum instilled in me too strong? or i may have been in shock.... then she applied Dettol....20 agonising minutes later I was back on the street walking like John wayne. With each step the wax remaining pulling and sticking to various bits of clothing.

Stage 3 - just last night ( as you can see I run for cover for at least a couple of weeks after each of these ventures) A pedicure that included slicing my foot twice and nail polish that looked like it had been applied by a man standing on his hands

This brings us to this morning after spending last night sleeping in a shower cap with 2 bottles of the magic lotion on my hair... yes the NITS left the kids and found a comfy place in my scalp. I wanted to get it cut short. Very nervous about the possible result and torture involved... I cut it myself.  The first chop was 7 inches... looked ok so i cut a further 3 into what i imagine is a posh spice bob. Longer at the front and shorter in back. A little unsure about the back I asked Holly to take a quick shot so I could see if it was straight...

would i cut my own hair in sydney? not on your life.... but I don't really have friends here to tell me it looks alarming and the only person I asked if it looked ok was Oli. He said

It's really really soft and smells lovely."


  1. Killing myself laughing, sorry, I know I shouldn' are far too british to be Australian :)... but really DETTOL??? surprised we didn't hear you from here... love the hair...great job.. it could go shorter though?! DO IT :)) hope the nits have left the building... my girls are covered in flea bites!!!

  2. oh it's much shorter now. although My sister just asked me if there had been a cyclone in Bali? the only excuse I had was it wasn't brushed