Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This week while saying " I love the illustrations in this book" Apparently I say this every time I read Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak... and we read it a lot. 

We decided to draw our on monsters in the same style. The kids really took a second look at how it was done. The cross hatching, washes and final colouring, the lack of straight line and the interesting textures. They kept going back and really really looking. The idea was we would draw monsters the same way and then try and do a completely unrelated object in the same style in a few days.

Initially it was a sketch in pencil.

A watercolour wash in the areas we needed it

A lot of fine detail in a thin black pen. The artworks were left out and they kept going back to them and adding more detail

Followed by further colouring with watercolour pencils by those that wanted stronger colour.

Make sure the grown ups in your household have a go too it really

You can do this with any illustrator you love .

Next up for us is the cat in the hat by Dr Seuss

 oils girl friend
bakso obsession
a fabulous chat with nat  the real verdict on the hair "are there cyclones in Bali?"

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