Monday, March 5, 2012

So you can get away from everything except your essential self.

I started the day with a list in mind..
• sort out skype
• fill the pantry from a local market
• find flour - yesterdays search was fruitless . Do you know any gestures for flour? think about it... I was given bowls, spoons, milk , eggs and I was repeating the words make pancake like a tourets affliction...and several offers to cook ... I need to learn a little bahasa. That will be  a whole other list

• sketch a little 

Two new pets joined our household today so it seems we are hunters and gatherers after all. The local fresh market was todays adventure on the hunt for bananas to make pancakes for breakfast. 

Stopped short at taking a chicken home to run around. the kids wanted the chicken I coveted the carrier they came in.

A pet store on the back of a bike, lots of fish  and a couple of  tiny turtles.... it has been agreed they will be given to a favoured friend on our departure. ( a very favoured friend. They can live for up to 70 years according to the oracle that is google.)

The kids are good from far. 
School starts tomorrow & our first cooking lesson too. 


  1. i feel like an idiot! I just wrote you an email and now im reading all about your new life!

    sounds wonderful so far x

  2. The old life is still happening too.... you should see the storage options over here