Wednesday, February 29, 2012

**Tomorrow is the day! are we ready.... are we packed? plenty of time we don't leave until 10 tomorrow... we have been packed in a way since January 7

Other than spending the last week cancelling with telcos ( painful) paying bills 6 months in advance (Much harder than you think)

 It's all been a little boring and busy at the same time..

now it's dark and it's tomorrow I am getting excited. really really excited...I can't wait  for the adventure to start.

& the accommodation... well we have something for the first month...and house hunting in Bali will be part of the adventure

this time tomorrow be will be there... hard to imagine

*note to self
picking the kids up early( no reason other than to make it exciting) and the high fives from classmates 
easter eggs given all round


  1. Happy travels. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. ooh, you'll be there by now! Looking forward to hearing all about it

  3. we are here we are here we are hear

    to quote Dr Seuss
    horton hears a who