Thursday, March 8, 2012

Parents as teachers. as it  turns out English as a whole is not my strong suit ( many of your have discovered this) creative writing & reading I am passionate about but spelling and punctuation are a forgotten language to me. Although nick loves the red pen and often correct my emails mentally- I can feel the commas, semi colons and spelling corrections being telepathically sent to me via the ether.

So maths it is

You know at parent teacher how they say to incorporate maths into the everyday and you leave the meeting with the best intentions and visions of  flour being measured and change being counted... and you do try and then a week goes by...

Well it turns out I can see why ... it's so your child remembers it's not just for the teacher it can be useful too...  one of the topics on the go is symmetry...a lovely excuse to go for a wander and point out the things symmetrical and where the line would be... and the difference is time... having nothing but time

Learning 10s and 100s  is now applied to rupiah 10 000 :1 aud

Of corse it's not all wandering but alongside greater appreciation for teachers you realise how lovely it is to introduce a concept and seeing the kids run with it. I'm glad i am only concentrating on one subject

our dream of lessons for 2 mornings only is just that a dream...maybe will will manage 3

note to self
Are faces symmetrical ( how accurate and technical do we need to be)

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