Friday, March 9, 2012

It's a week already and we made it to day 7 before visiting an indo hospital.. that's a pretty good innings for us these days. It seems like a fuss... then we saw the trail of blood.

 It's nothing doesn't hurt. the blood gushed. 

a super sized bandage + betadine  add pressure and  thought it's all good... and focused on the child whimpering with a tummy ache... then another trail of red...a spurt of blood in the face.

Hmm who stays with the chucker and who goes to the clinic

a sliced artery... apply pressure add a bandage and keep the little guy with his foot up above his head for 2 days

he is still saying "it's no matter doesn't hurt"

Have thought about teaching him to walk on his hands

nick has just started to ride a motor bike...  @#!#$

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