Thursday, March 15, 2012

house hunting Bali style
no this is not our ours just a fanciful dream especially if i keep accidentally buying $9 porridge ( only 500g in the supermarket oops)

even in paradise house hunting is a pain... we have seen so many homes. some not even available as that is the end part of the conversation here.  2 gorgeous homes today one small one large. You never know the cost or the availability. It's house hunting indo style…. Even though we have the kids in tow we are often shown one bedroom places? Not too sure if they think we hang the kids in the closet at night or take shifts sleeping. Not surprisingly our host who let us down with the rental has not helped at all.

 Rented a car in the end as all of the running around was taking so much time. today i was rushing to get to an appointment... in bali... on holiday.
one home today ( i wish i thought to take photos) apparently perfect for us....
in a tower  ( the view was incredible as it would be up a very tall tree)
3 floors 1 with a toilet just a loo
with an open shower halfway up the stairs literally on the stairs
the second level a double bed

and a ladder that went up 4-5m to the next level with a bed
all i could think was pad the walls now!

oh and it was twice our budget and didn't even have a sink let alone a kitchen.

they did have a lovely dog though

Have definitely had some less than positive thoughts about airbnb today

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  1. HELLLOOOOOO ... sorry we couldn't skype I havne't had access to a computer, only my phone... things have been hectic here, staying here and there but back in rainy sydney now... sounds like your adventure is just that. take a look at the website below. I have stayed in a few of the properties on there and they haven't let me down yet!!! Skype soon???? much love jo and the girls are sending big hugs and miss you xxxxxx