Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This week has been all about endings. School is finishing so there are lots of call outs for plates of sandwiches, cookies and extras. Our garden is blooming and it's been a real thrill to send massive bunches of hydrangeas in for the teachers this year. One bunch was a struggle as the giver did not believe his teacher liked anything beautiful. Last day of school - end of year cake for dinner! school holidays are great and we really look forward to them
Am I more attached to the garden because I know it won't be ours for very much longer. The hugest tomato ever is finally ripening - hoping it inspires the basil. 

Not being able to get a start on packing cleaning etc is a little frustrating as it would give the game away.. the kids won't know until christmas day. I have a sketch book for each with there passports inside and a note about the adventure.

Still no word on visas alot of conflicting information though. I do not want to have to leave bali every 60 days with the whole family. it would mean time tabling something ( which is really not the point) and more expense

A little blip on the health front... hoping all is ok but it's been good to remind us to read the fine print on the health insurance

 christmas a little each day - advent , the arrival of online gifts how do you hide them

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