Friday, January 6, 2012

First day of the holidays - rainy. fabulous

No thoughts of bali today. Each of the kids could choose to do something ... something we could make time for... one thing with mum

 Pjs all day for the little guy
Jammy picklets for lunch

Rocket tshirt created - go photoshop. Indulge me a little here. When your kids create something without your art direction and it's so wonderful and much more than you expected. It makes me smile a huge smile that lasts almost the whole day. the rocket did that for me. a mix of hand drawing, tracing on a lightbox, scanning and coloured in photoshop... even his little brother one who is not known for flippant comments said wow you are an artist...guess who is getting the tshirt for christmas...

Can we call Tim Winton today? hmmm facebook would have to do. 

I really enjoyed your book blueback. I like how you write about places and nature

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