Wednesday, January 18, 2012

as of Christmas day it was all out in the open. we printed a photo and a card telling the kids and stuck it inside a visual diary. ( not for oli he got his monkey bank).the reactions are something i will remember always

 Owen read it fist " we are going to Bali" sung in a na na na tone of voice accompanied by a wiggle of a dance

holly " i am going to get my hair braided as soon as we get there"

Noah " oh i am going to miss my birthday"... hmmm no you are not where ever you are it's still your birthday... yayyy

 And now they have told everyone about our planned family adventure

packing the house in under 2 weeks was a fabulous job on a time limit. we loaned our stuff out with friends families having a go at boats, kayaks, trailers and bikes not to mention chickens , cats and rabbits. cleaning every nook and cranny, going through memories and finding treasure lost and treasure that was 
sure to be treasure to someone else... 9 trips to Vinnies...

all this and then the day before we are due to move out a little note from our hosts in Bali.
Just a little note to let you know we have unexpectedly sold the accommodation you were renting for 6 months. it would be great to chat about it????

overwhelming....a little tricky to think it's all part of the adventure.... how can that be... we have the pictures stuck in our kids diaries...


  1. Oh no. That's just not right. I'm sure everything will work out. Wishing better things come your way.