Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's all in the timing
After a wonderful chat with a writer friend and a book loan. why we are austrailian by nikki gemmel. plus a weekend away. the idea of this blog is alot more consolidated / although consolidated is a very staid word .. very . It is a little more exciting than that. 
Initially I thought the challenge would be actually getting the idea of the ground . Taking the plunge. Checking the finances and making sure the pets were happy.
It's been so much more. 

The idea of taking so much more away from this. We have had the offer of visiting an oprhanage for a visit and a possible school to attend for a little while also. The correpondence school programme here looks amazing and I am keen to try it.  I have noticed we are tending to think of life as before and after. It is a watershed year for us as a family. The end of a decade of nappies , babies, toddlers and a ever growing family and all that comes with it. The next decade will be about watching them grow into the people they will become. exciting. daunting and it has all been so fast.

The cat is almost out of the bag with so many people mentioning the trip when the kids are around. the aim is the give them a journal a passport and a handwritten letter each about the plan for christmas. Never has christmas felt so far away.

 Off to the passport interview on Monday ... Again. 5 applications what are the odds they all get through?
after 10 years of marriage I think my husband has inadvertently won the name battle it's always been light hearted with an underlying need to retain myself.. i always wanted to keep mine. it was such a part of who I am. The last in the line of McLeods or our family anyway. I have used it in most cases throughout the last 10 years unless it was school related or my husband filled out the forms ( kids birth certificate registrations). it had been a pain with the 2 and never really knowing which had been used. With nicks u issues the only way we can apply for the kids without a whole lot of red tape and expensive officious hassle is if i used my married name... I don't think i am entirely comfortable with this. If I lack the conviction to really go into battle for it.... is the conundrum itself a habit rather than a strongly held belief... or just navel gazing for me in particular. I'm sure it's not all about me just all about a "u" ( see previously entry)

The flute will now be part of our gear when we go. I think a cramming of lessons before we go may be the best way we can all enjoy this particular instrument. Am picturing beautiful clarinet and flute duets during a gorgeous sunset...

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