Sunday, October 30, 2011

a trial run
Last week we went away as a family camping. a first for us just our family no big group of mums and kids. i was surprised really surprised. it was easy so easy and alot of fun. no other kids other casual acquaintances than the ones played with at the park, beach etc.

The surfing bug bit our eldest heard and I am glad a friend taught me to crochet last week. I predict many shivery days on the beach waiting. Thought my days of watching a surfer in the cold and wet were over once the boyfriend went to husband and father.

a trial run?
My little girl moved out.... and the extra room was amazing. with her own tent the thrill of freedom was there although her big brother was to sleep in it with her so he didn't feel left out ( she was nervous but stubborn).
 the house will need to be rejigged on our return. a new bed and a mix up of rooms I think

One small bag each, boards, bikes and the chess set a couple of sketchbooks and it was heaven. It can be done for a week and now we are eager for the 6 months. As it creeps closer people are claiming / asking for the animals, beds and various other things we wont be needing for awhile. it seems it will work out for everyone. i am sure we will be missed too. pretty sure anyway.

A little bit of luck and cross your fingers for us. I think the house is rented.!!! . Just waiting on dates.
Passport pics have been rejected.... so am back to square one on that.

If you think of any books that are a must read... a great read or that we would enjoy. Let me know as we are compiling lists for the book depository. I also came a across a mention in the paper this morning about the premiers challenge. Reading on I found the dates start when we leave and finish on the day we come back. Serendipity. What a fabulous way to compile a reading list. Count us in!

have you tried the escape for a week a month or a year?  I would love to hear your stories

notes to self
a celebratory bushwalk the cast is off and oli is free once more. Cooking with our home grown leeks this week. the strawbs are keeping the slithery invisible crawlies healthy. Sandwich detail is astounding us all. Go noah!
finally went to "my bowling club" oli was resolute

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