Sunday, October 16, 2011

economics 101 - otherwise known as the boring bits. 
lots of people have been asking about this - do you think this is the part that can bring dreams to a grinding halt?

at this stage dollars schmollers!  I can talk big when it's only in 8pt arial
here goes I feel like I am airing dirty drawers in public.... not that I have dirty drawers hmmmm

The big stuff
House/mortgage- we are renting the whole kit and kaboodle to some lovely family who will love it as much as we do hopefully for slightly longer than the straight six ( we haven't done too much about this yet as it's too soon)

Tickets & Health insurance - tax refund

passports - one per month for 5 months

Accommodation - our savings

Spending money - we are selling the car before we leave

Still it is the same price as all 6 of us to go to disneyland for 2 weeks. 

we are also trying to pop a bit away each month.... saving from all the extras we are no longer needing as we keep saying when we are in Bali

feel free to ask more if you would like to know...

 did you hear about the earthquake yesterday?

*note to self
 completed the 16km spring cycle and were part of the world record attempt ( I think we did it) the most people cycling over the harbour bridge whilst singing waltzing matilda ... the 40km next year

ops for chilli and oli. both on the same paw

aborted attempt at a short film.... the prop organisation seemed overwhelming... maybe next year. he is only 9

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