Sunday, October 9, 2011

a great preview of life ... what we are looking forward to... opting out or rather keeping it simple.. this week a great group of friends ( mums and kids) at the basin isolated from convenience. Cooking and living together - the same things we do at home but it was alot more social. For the first time in as long as I can remember I had moments to observe my kids - admire their strength and endurance over many adventures. self organised kayak trips in choppy weather (really tested my ability to let go) bush walks in difficult terrain... 5 days of cold showers... the ability to start a game with friends with just a rock. Lots of games of chess when the weather was too wild and boy was it wild at times.
although i am slightly ... very apprehensive about the financial implications of our journey - that is my only negative... in my stillest moments I wonder if I am just let the concern go and live or am I not taking our family and our financial future seriously enough

feel free to switch off , tune out or be amused by the rollercoaster that I am completely surprised by

the trip and the downtime really can make you realise what is great. Really enjoying the company and generally having a great time. Not sat reading and drawing as I always imagine my ideal downtime to be.

only on arriving back at the little blue house warm once more 

" we were at the point we we couldn't get any wetter"

 the mail to be sorted and thankfully lots of orders only then did the reality start to come back. it will always be here ( which is great). I put off grocery shopping for a week - getting really creative with the what's in the cupboard game. 

The blog and the journey are jumping around I know. The now is seeming more noteworthy ( to me ) that I thought it would be .
an everyday pleasure.. indulgent I know... maybe you savour the things that you may miss

The aim is to get my birth certificate this week.. .my mum looked after all of those things and before she died I didn't think to look for it.

Note to my kids - they are in your birthday boxes

A great week with found beach sling shots and gorgeous leaves...fabulous fondue

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