Sunday, August 28, 2011

This week a week of highs and lows.
Accommodation hiccups deposit paid and confirmed great and then ....a huge huge huge payment taken out of our account ( absolutely amazing that we had anything in it actually) and a fraud warning from the bank.. A big stress it was sorted after a very long 48 hours

My computer completely packed it in and all files lost  and later retrieved by a
fabulous person who saved us on a saturday with in the hour... Hmmm hoping that doesn't happen in bali

 Lots of talking about the pets and where they will be housed.
We have 6 chooks ( the girls) all sorted, charlie sparkle the rabbit sorted... chilli the cat may be a little tricky our lovely neighbour will happily look after him as she does when we go camping.
* Reader Warning the following might sound a little black... Is it it  irresponsible leaving chilli ( a very independent cat) in the car of someone who loves him very much, the plus is he can stay in his own home 
but at 90 ( the carer not the cat)  I am a little wary of long tem plans...

3 fantastic blogs were sent my way too both inspiring families on adventures of their own. They are amazingly inspiring.
foxslane   – an amazingly colourful and creative tip aound oz in the most stunning caravan
ohhappyday   paris for a year how fabulous but I’m pretty sure surfing was not on the must list
designmom   amsterdam for a year with 5 little ones

All have hugely creative mums at the helm and I find this really really exciting

Also a health scare fo
r one of our major players in this little adventue that we are not quite though yet but does make plans seem a little shaky...

As I said the highs and lows

So am focusing on the sun and not having to buy jeans for all and sundry at the sales for next winter as we won’t be having one!!!!

Always end on a high note... 
 a gorgeous day today at patonga . There will be little notes thoughout this blog with lovely days and moments for me to record and remember

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