Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's the practical aspects this week. The official bits and pieces. I am
trying to space things out so a little is sorted each month.  Many people
are asking more about the how, rather than the why.

The accommodation has been booked this month. Not as rustic as we thought.
It's beautiful .  Definitely a gorgeous little spot.

 It's a lot like organising a wedding.. You know the list and working
through it - becoming very educated along the way - steep learning curve

So much is being sorted out online. I like that it can. We can deliberate a
lot longer and really think things out. Many many emails full of questions

"is it poss to call a car if needed. push bikes would be good ? "

"Can you remove the TV before we arrive? "

We have booked through airbnb... If you want to stay in a treehouse,
aircraft hanger, loft or fire station this is the place to go... there are so many options...

We thought 3 looked great and so approached the owners for a longer stay .

When you first think of simple ... Something out of nims island maybe with
hammocks and lots of open space... (See drawing) Outdoor cooking  and then
you start to look.... So many beautiful places.... Narrowed down according
to location, And it has a pool the kids will be thrilled. I can not believe
how reasonable the accommodation is. We have a tight budget ( more on that
later) But there is a lot to consider. Many places do not take 4 children.

Passport photos for the kids this week too. They don't yet know the plans as
it's quite a long time away . We will surprise them next year

Planned for next month are the signatures for passports and to get moving on
sorting out / finding out about vaccinations...

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