Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beauty in the found, a moment and having time to enjoy it. This I what I am imagining our trip to be... Thinking about it I making me more observent about the day to day of home also. The journey is starting now.... almost

Organising time away helps you plan... It's unseasonably warm now and the magnolia is looking amazing. A fact that I am proud of such a beautiful thing to see each  day. It reminds me of our neighbour,  a lovely person who I learn so much from... 90 years young and still busy... she taught me how to care for the tree....

Preparing the garden now so it will flourish for the people who live in our house... to enjoy.... zucchini, carrots & coriander have been added to the menu this week from our little patch. strawberries planted for the coming months

That is the top of my list now looking for someone to live here when we are not... Am hoping to tell friends and family of our trip and they will know someone who would live to live here in the little blue house... It's a very happy home and I think people who live here will add to that... I know that leaving it up to the universe is not reasonable  but leaving the garden when it is so sunny is proving difficult too

have you noticed our packing list is beginning to grow . 

maybe keeping it simple will prove to be the hardest part?

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