Thursday, July 28, 2011

I really really like my kids they are interesting & lovely people. not angels but fun to be around.
I don't seem to have the time very often to stop enjoy that. 
I do seem to shout about socks  ALOT. 

Most of our conversations start with have you got your.... we are running late... have you done.... can you please . i don't want to be the shouty woman in the front of the car. My kids love drawing & painting riding bikes and dancing silly. I do too.... but it does seem that while I am doing these things I am always thinking about the next thing on the list. 

it's a very long long list. Are they important things? for school yes, work yes, for extended family and friends yes our pets yes.

Imagine the time you would have with no housework beyond the basic, no school and no work for awhile .... and your whole family was there to enjoy it together