Tuesday, June 28, 2011

would you really? really really?

I think our family motto has to be proceed till apprehended. a simple stroll a chat about needing a holiday and now we are off to bali 
for 6 months....

One tired person leads to an amazing adventure maybe. We had a babysitter booked for one evening and were too broke to actually go out. 
A walk and a picnic was planned 
( really the leftovers from the previous night and a bottle of wine)  
my husband said you need a holiday a break for awhile. It would be great to start saving for a family trip to disneyland. 

Quite honestly the thought of the saving for years and planning plus the organisation once there... with 4 kids I would rather live on an island for 6 months for the same amount of money. us, the kids and plenty of time....

then I said it out loud. 

it went pretty quiet for a walk along the beach...

would you really? really really?

what an amazing walk.

while I am really excited. there is so much to think about... other than do we want to? yeyeyes


  1. Can't wait to read all about your adventures.
    K xx

  2. Wow - I popped over from Be a Fun Mum and I am inspired by your plans to head off to the warmth and truly enjoy family life. I can't wait to read more.

  3. i will be posting weekly. pop by next week. it's s unexpected to have all the supporters a real buzz

  4. Having just started up our website and knowing how hard it is I can only say BRAVO!!.. I need a holiday already and know that my next one is a year away at least and OMG the being broke thing...grrr. AMAZING.. have a ball in Bali and look forward to sharing your adventure x