Sunday, September 4, 2011

And the fun continues.... The accommodation drama has been a constant this week. Not the booking itself but the payment with several transactions going astray and a bank decided a $595 fee was acceptable... ??  And 10 emails later I am thinking we should have called to speak someone although the ability to track emails has come in handy.  I have no doubt it will be sorted but it is taking time...Online booking appeared so simple but anything long term is trickier it seems.... 

Relocation people have been through the little blue house and seem to love it as much as we do. they too are imagining a family with children who will walk to our local village, school and parks... once this happens I will truly believe that we are going

My personal list is growing to include at least 2 hats for me. Spring has sprung early and my nose is red already.... Must research. Have you noticed the swimsuits this year are beautiful? I think it's been a tough week and I am trying to skip forward to the fun part.

An accident befell the littlest one in our adventure party this week and landed in hospital with 3 bolts and several wires, stitches and plaster holding him together at present ( so today is  a short post as not much other than thinking time was achieved this week) . Highlighting the need to research health insurance extensively. 4 adventurous little people and 2 accident prone adults could make this adventure exciting in a whole new way.

We had always planned for a family chess tournament while away and the little guy is learning the fundamentals ( putting the pieces on the board) now he is still.... 

the girls are back on the job now... all of our visitors  are receiving lovely fresh eggs ( being forced to take them home)...the jasmine smells gorgeous through out the house