Monday, September 3, 2012

haven't seen a tinny in awhile

What a week.
I can not believe it's only been that long. 
Home is great....

a limo with matching trailer at the airport to meet us complete with a chauffeur called james.

a welcome home catch up that same night . Every brought the food and flowers... 

It was truly surprised to be missed 6 months goes so fast...our friends and family have let us know we are loved. 

Some things you realise that you have missed only when they happen again. Stick with me I have a point. when it's the 5 of us in a car ... the rolling conversations...

Why do people say it takes a village to raise a child...leads to baby boomers and population... why do you think there were not many babies during the war ? what do you think happened when they all came back?  answer they had time to think about other things ... a chat on the way to grandmas can cover the big topics.... what is the c word? you know the baaad one? to... Can you be an architect and a teacher.

With less to interest outside the car the conversation is great. I sometimes wish I could record it to play back later as we hop from hot topic to topic.

The difference is also without motorbikes and cows I can actually hear the kids in the sydney traffic.

questions I wish i knew the easy answer to

Why was Galileo so great and is it the same one as in the song in grandmas car

Why do I have all the mail from the last 6 months except the ikea catalogue?

How did I forget how my oven worked. 

Grilled cookies anyone?
and the price f everything is almost shocking. am converting everything to RP to deal with it.

I will get around to the ifs , the buts and the everything. Adjustments big and small. each day there are many

a favourite cook book
so many rules

a huge loss in the family
many trips to vinnies.. to drop off no there is a surprise

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