Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One day to go. The last week has flown with last minute things to do and see agin. Ramadan kind of threw a spanner in the works with many of the shops closing . I was so hoping to surprise my sister ( who doesn't read this blog) and we searched high and low yesterday ... no luck . all Rattan makers seem to be muslim or at least from Java.

Can you be excited and sad at the same time. 6 months seems to have flown by. Until I see pictures of my nephew. House have been built, babies born, pets added to households and I can wait to see and meet all the changes.

the time here has been wonderful but we are ready to go. The pull of family and friends in the last week has been obvious. the kids talking of who they will see and things they will do. I am proud of noah wanting to keep up his times tables in case he forgets them when he goes to school. he won't it's just nerves.

School shoes bought for the boys. leather converse for Oli as he insists his kindy will be school.

An online order for groceries to be delivered on saturday morning. I don't think we need to pop to the shops first thing. Although a ride to the towers in the village is to be enjoyed. It's on the list.

I am a little excited as due to visa deadlines we are arriving home before we expected ( only 5 days). This means Nicck still has a week of holidays. We will be able to get the kids settled at school and kindy together. After 6 months with the kids it will be lovely... 

It's an added bonus I didn't fully realise until today...

a last project to finish

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