Friday, August 24, 2012

A summation of sorts
it's been a fabulous adventure. with highlights unthought of. 

Did I become the zen like mother I was hoping. Not really I still get exasperated and instead of shouting about socks I insist on sunscreen 5 times a day.... and a hat.

I understand and really know my kids. The good the challenging and the quirky.
also the guilt of not listening all the time and giving the kids 24/7 attention was a revelation. No matter how much time you spend, activities you plan, stories read. 

They still would love more. One more cuddle,play in the pool, game , story. I do think I can leave a little of that mothers guilt behind

Did we assimilate into local life and learn the language. A little language learned and friends made but locals we will never be. even in 2 generations this would not be possible.
Balinese culture is complex. The island Beautiful. there is so much to see. ^ months is not long enough to see and do all. My top 10 does not appear in the guide books.

We have learned to ask questions. Lots of questions. the language has made us really understand how important a few words can be. The kids chatter less and think more before speaking ( with others).

The kids have grown. A lot. Oli learned to swim. Noah is a confident little bodyboarder and Owen loved the dumpy waves. Holly is girl destined to have home help.

The time has been valuable. Our thoughts and ideas about the further have had time and distance to develop. I do think no television for 6 months has been amazing. Games and conversation have taken Over. I learned to play pool, participated in instagram. Download pod casts and iTunes. 

I am hoping the kids are not behind at school. That their confidence is maintained. They are out of the loop for current crazes and hot topics. Skype for the kids wasn't something they really utilised much. So busy they were happy. as Noah said "it's not the same. I would rather hang out when we get home"  Boys seem much less into communication form afar. Holly sent a few emails and liked to Skype more.

Would I recommend the time away. Absolutely. it's easier than you think. Less expensive also. We hope to have another on the next 3 years. This time France...

life is fast changing. this is my last year with pre school children. all 4 will be off to school next year. All in primary school. after that the challenge of high school begins.

I hope to continue being creative at home. Work toward a busy freelance career. With book layout, styling, designing for fiona kate, product design and branding for others, participate in exhibitions.. and teaching a possibility. I will continue to say yes and see what happens.

possibilities are endless.... first steps first  let's get home

No image today the cords are packed. you can pop over to instagram and see the pics from the last day . fionakatesimplegorgeousstorage is our tag.

I have just found out that friends have organised dinner for us at home... 

my sister is picking us up from the airport ( not working as she told me)

Holly received an amazing email from her bestest friend this morning

grandmas is bringing bus biscuits for morning tea

knowing we have been missed is wonderful

friends, family and food

tomorrow is going to be great

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